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Business Details

Business Details

Yamada Sen-I Co., Ltd. is a furoshiki (wrapping cloth) manufacturer based in Kyoto.
The products we develop are sold at department stores and specialty shops via a wide range of trading partners. We are also engaged in a broad array of businesses related to furoshiki, including collaborations with various manufacturers, OEM production and custom fabrication in the gift industry and other industries.

Regular Items

Aside from furoshiki with traditional designs, we also pour our efforts into creating designs for modern lifestyles. Through technical development with subcontract factories, we also fashion distinctive furoshiki using unique dyeing technology. We regularly offer hundreds of original furoshiki in our “Furoshiki Communication” catalog.


Twice a year in April and October, we hold an exhibition (“Musubiten”) to present our new products in Kyoto and Tokyo. In addition to presenting our products, we hold seminars on furoshiki sales techniques, effective displays, useful information, etc. and provide useful sales promotion ideas to our customers from an operational standpoint as well.

Official Shop: Musubi

Musubi, our directly-managed official shop, was opened in Jingumae, Tokyo in 2005 as the first furoshiki specialty shop. Its operations go beyond sales and providing information to users and include the sharing of sales promotion knowhow like displays and layouts with trading partners as an antenna shop as well as hosting of cultural events as a base of activities.


When we design furoshiki, we think about what kind of person will be using it, how they will use it, and in what situations. We then choose the appropriate material, dyeing method and pricing, and incorporate various factors into the design. At Yamada Sen-I, not only design specialists but also marketing staff are heavily involved in the creation of designs to reflect market and user feedback in our products. We also offer design consulting when it comes to OEM production and custom orders.


Yamada Sen-I is a manufacturer without fabrication facilities. Various different materials are used to make furoshiki, including silk, cotton, polyester and rayon. The correct dyeing method also has to be selected based on the design. When fabricating custom furoshiki for customers, we can use authentic dyeing methods of traditional craftsmen or inkjet printers for small lot production. We can also select the most appropriate factory from among our diverse subcontract factories, such as those with cost-saving integrated production systems, according to our customers’ requests.

Company Profile

Business initiated Dec 1937
Company established Jun 1959
Representative Yoshio Yamada
Head office address Shinmachidori-nijo-minami-agaru Nakagyo-ku Kyoto City 604-0031
Main line:Tel +81-75-256-0123 Fax +81-75-256-0256
Hiring:Tel +81-75-256-0236 Fax +81-75-256-0255
Tokyo Sales Office 2-31-8 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001
Tel +81-3-5414-6789 Fax +81-3-5414-6788
Musubi website: http://www.kyoto-musubi.com/
Capital \27.5 million
Products Furoshiki and miscellaneous Japanese goods
Number of employees 29 (15 men and 14 women) + 3 part-time workers (all women)
Average age of employees 35.4 (men: 38.5; women: 32.9)